reports from workshops

Workshop 6   Self Help (Manchester) – Supporting the supporters

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Workshop 6 Self help REPORT

What they said about this workshop…

“Brilliant! More please!”

“Really great. Opening eyes to self help. Great to meet others.”

“Loved it! Very interactive”

Workshops 3 and 8   Sutton Mental Health Foundation (London) – Intentional Peer Support – The Benefits and Challenges
So we did it!   And timed the workshops well…getting the timing right was one of our challenges and with the help of the stewards we got it spot on.

We found that after we had initially presented our material people did all  the hard work, granted with guidance from Doug and I!

We had some interesting debates (would have loved more time to explore these ideas), and touched on the diversity of peer support. I think we respectfully challenged each other and all learnt from it. We had some very good feedback  and I would like to think that we provided a relaxed and inclusive environment for everyone to explore some of the challenges of peer support.

There were some strong themes that resonated throughout the workshops such as love and the DWP!

We had some interesting discussions about the concept of treating people with love. One person questioned the meaning of the word ‘love’ and came up with a variety of definitions and another person said they were uncomfortable with the word ‘love’ as it triggered issues from their past where they had been told that they were loved by their abusers.  We talked a lot about issues around whether peer support  workers should be paid and how much and by whom.  And inevitably talked about people working on benefits and thus the DWP.

We all agreed that as peer support workers we need autonomy and choice. There is no ‘one size fits all’ peer support. It is a structure without a structure, a process of co-creation where we move towards a healthier and better future together.

What they said about these workshops….

“Excellent workshop. Brilliant presenters engaging and informative”

“An inspiring talk from Sutton Mental Foundation from both speakers Really engaging case studies”

“The speakers are very passionate about what they do and I found that very inspiring”

“This was an excellent session – extremely well presented, thanks”

Workshop 7 Co-Counselling International (Suffolk) – An Introduction to Co-Counselling

What is CCI Co Counselling (often called coco for short)

‘CCI co counselling is a peer system to give and receive support and development of my mental wellbeing with other like-minded people – for myself not by myself’

CCI CO Counselling is a free emotional support system for life


  1. Started in the USA in 1950’s as a challenge to the ‘medical model’ that professionals ‘know best’ – CCI Co counselling emphasises that people are experts by experience.
  2. To UK in 1970’s – Surrey University – John Heron
  3. Based on recognised psychological theories such as Gestalt therapy, person centred psychology and psychoanalytical therapy .
  4. Holisitic – includes all of us – our body mind and spirit

Key Concepts and ground rules

  1. We all have the skills and abilities to improve our lives
  2. Self-responsibility
  3. Reciprocal shared time
  4. Confidentiality
  5. No violence
  6. Respect and honesty
  7. No drugs or alcohol (recreational)
  8. Using ‘I’
  9. Learning to give and receive quality attention and support – developing emotional competence and resilience – free easy access support for life.

Interested to find out more?

CCI Co-Counselling website  (not RC Revaluation Co Counselling which is different)

Lots on U Tube –  search CCI Co Counselling or start here ..

A video about CCI Co Counselling

 What they said about this workshop…

“Excellent! Nice + informative practising co-counselling skills”

“Very enjoyable and interactive”

“Warm friendly presenters”